Sunday, May 11, 2008

'Secret Shore' - A Step-by-step Documentation

Creative Aquascape BY Samit Roy

The above image shows one of my creative aquascape project "Secret Shore". This is one of my favourites among the Creative Aquascapes, I have done in recent past. Unlike, Nature Aquascapes, my Creative Aquascapes are much short-lived and being prepared for the final photo session, from the first day.

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Below are few photographs taken to document the set up process:

1. Rounded riverbed rocks goes in the form the base of the layout

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup001

2. Card board goes in, creating the boundary of the planting area

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup002

3. Substrate goes in, forming the base of planting area

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup003

4. Fertilizers goes in forming the nutirient layer

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup004

5. Planting area ready

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup005

6. Fine white river sand goes in, for non-planting area (for decorative purpose)

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup006

7. Ready for planting

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup007

8. Dry planting started with Ferns and Anubias

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup008

9. Dry planting finished and ready for wet planting

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 setup009

10. Planting completed

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 after planting

11. Few hours after planting (right part)

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 after planting

12. Few hours after planting (left part)

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 after planting

13. Full shot after set up is done

Secret Shore / 072607 wk00 after set up

14. Two days after set up

Secret Shore / 072807 wk00 front

14. Close up of the right corner after eight days

Secret Shore / 080207 wk01 Cabomba

15. Close up of Hygro after a week

Secret Shore / 080207 wk01 Hygro

16. Another close up of Hygro in 2nd week

Secret Shore / 080207 wk01 Hygro

17. 'Secret Shore' after 12 days

Secret Shore / 080607 wk02 front

18. Full front after 2 weeks

Secret Shore / 080607 wk02 front

19. Close up of Hygro after 2 weeks [Notice the change in color]

Secret Shore / 080607 wk02 Hygro

20. Bacopa close up after 3 weeks

Secret Shore / 081407 wk03 Bacopa

21. Full front after 3 weeks

Secret Shore / 081407 wk03 front

22. Close up of middle are after 3 weeks

Secret Shore / 081507 wk03 middle

23. Cabomba Close up - 4th week

Secret Shore / 081707 wk03 Cabomba

24. Hygro Close up - 4th week

Secret Shore / 081707 wk03 Hygro

25. Mid area close up

Secret Shore / 081707 wk03 middle


Amin Zero said...

Hi Samit!

What could I said??? "Secret Shore" is beautiful.

Amazing aquascaping!

Nice plants!

Great job!


'nyau said...

I really like reading your step-by-steps, very informative. Secret Shore is one of the best I've come across in awhile.

Keep up the great stuff. I keep my journal here:

navin said...

Hi Samit

What can I say? Brilliant stuff! Any advice for a fresher? Am graduating to a 3 foot tank after keeping a 1.5 footer for over 3 mths - have a koi carp pair that keeps uprooting plants - other fishes are all well behaved and love foilage. How can i keep my plants anchored and free from being uproooted? Also is natural sand better than artificial gravel for my new tank? Please advise.

Thanks & regards
Navin B

Jamie Boyle said...

Hi Samit,

One word says it all "Amazing"
Love the photography you've done and the step by step instructions given.

Secret Shore is Amazing!

Keep up the great work. Will stop by again and again.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy

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freddy said...
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freddy said...

Very very good tank set ups and plenty of useful info. Thanks for your article mate.


Rachman said...

nice posting said...

Sorry to troll, but that's a lovely scape.
What did you use for the nutrient layer?

Christie said...

Amazingly helpful. Your aquascaping talent is inspiring.

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Mad Artist said...

Beautiful creation. Thank you for sharing the techniques. Wow.

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Sparsha said...

Hello Samit,

Really excellent work. I am very new to the planted aqua world. It would have been more useful if you mention your substrate, tank size, light, Co2 and dosing techniques.

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Jack said...

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ElPadre said...

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Anonymous said...

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Neil Sequeira said...

Great post and an absolutely fantastic blog Samit. I spent ages reading through many of the posts and there is just so much helpful stuff here. Are you in Pune? Where abouts?

The xGrunge said...

Excellent (Khoob hi daarun DADA!!)

Keep it up :)

I m very impressed with your work.

Secret Shore is mind blowing

pratishtha said...

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Marcos said...

Olá amigo.

Belo blog, gostei da montagem, gostaria de saber se posso republicar esta matéria no meu blog?



Pokagon Member said...

bohzo (hello)

I love how you illustrate step by step, i have a salt tank and a fresh water tank. I love my fish!

Great blog! Have a great day!

Dustin said...

Great tank man. My one question is this...How long do you let a setup like that run? I personally let my tanks get overgrown. (I'm sloppy) but you seem like the kinda guy who would keep it pretty clean. How long do you run before a tear down. Love that Hygo..Check mine out here...

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Fish Portal said...

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Chris said...

Wow, what an amazing article using aquarium plants. I love the images every step of the way.

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The Aquarist Guide said...

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The Aquarist Guide said...

Great work on that water garden. Love your blog!
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Sock Yee said...

Hello Roy,

Nice post with the way you update the readers with the progress that you are making. I can see that it has been quite some time since you last update your blog. Hope to see more things coming soon. Cheers.

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StatsProfessor said...

Step 14 looks good, nice show of progress.

The final pic looks sort of disappointing, not sure if its too dark or just overgrown.

Interesting setup though. I'm changing my cichlid to a planted tank soon, nice site you have here.

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Mehak said...

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Sam said...

Hi Samit, great step by step documentation. I've not seen one of these done in a long time.

- Sam

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The Aquarium is absolutely gorgeous!

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Carl said...

Beautiful set up and excellent documentation.
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ali mezdeği said...

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Michael Ammirati said...
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Heather Spitz said...
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Heather Spitz said...

Great job, I wished I documented how I build my self aquarium fish tank before. Will do that if I'm going to build a new one. Secret Shore is great, I love the plants too.

kyle montgomery said...

Great step by step documentary, I am getting ready to set up a 75 planted tank and looking for some ideas.

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