Aquarium Tips: Part 1

Aquariums of Samit Roy - Graphics Designer and Digital Artist

Tips that you must know before setting up an Aquarium Part 1:

1. Your aquarium is not a lifeless toy or showpiece like your Ming flower vase or Michelangelo replica. It is a living being – growing, breathing, aging like us. You need to treat it as a sensible and delicate life form. The idea is to set up a replica of the living nature, in a very small scale.

2. Decide the place you want keep your tank, before you buy it. Measure the space. Remember, you will need minimum 2’ wide area on both sides of the tank and 1’ at the back. You will need this area to maneuver your tanks and sometimes to keep accessories.


Muddassar Jawed said…
hey Samit. i have a 42 gallon cichlid tank i am in a process of setting up a new 25 gallon tank(planted). . and i was looking everywhere to get the answers related to plants ,landscaping etc. yurs truely answered every aspect of it. thanks a lot... also if you can higlight the needs and usage and settings for CO2(DIY preferred).
Anonymous said…
Hi Samit, thanks a lot for yr very useful site. i try a lot to search but you have done a great job for new aquarist. thanks a lot again.
can we exchange some idea about discus fist. if you like
mohan kumar
98305 83333
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