Madagascar Lace in my awarded tank

Samit's Planted Fish tank
One of my initial planted set ups, mostly mixed plants - from various biotopes and geo-locations! It was pretty, but it never had any strong characteristic! However, my favourite Madagascar Lace (Aponogeton madagascariensis) was there in this set up!

In 2004 I have recieved an award for this set up! Click the link below to see details: 2004 Photo Ace Contest by

Madagascar lace is a quite difficult species. It requires nutrient rich substrate, enough light, regular fertilization, co2 supply etc. Though it could be kept in a community set up with other species (except few aggressive and fast growing species like hornwart or pistia etc), it is so demanding that people prefers to put it in a separate tank to provide more care. Even if planted with other plants it is suggested to keep few inches away from other plants just to ensure it receives proper light without being guarded by other plants. Just to give this plant a little more advantage.

This plant has a long dormant period. So, even it is not growing, I'd suggest to keep the bulb in your tank, buried in your substrate. It might surprise you one day with a green bud.