Common Spiny Loach

Indian Spiny Loach of Samit Roy
This is an indigenous loach species, commonly called as Indian Spiny Loach or Common Spiny Loach or Malabar Loach (Lepidocephalichthys thermalis). This is a very peaceful fish, like most of the loaches and could be kept in a community tank. They need plenty of hiding places with soft substrate, like fine sand. Use bogwoods, driftwoods, earthen pots, river stones and plants to provide enough refuge. Ideally, like other loaches, this fish should be kept in groups. It is recommended that minimum 3-4 fishes should kept together. Very active species that love to spring around. They love to burrow themselves under soft sand. A canopy is must if you do not provide enough hiding space in your tank. Try to have a have medium water flow in your tank. Avoid sharp stones, thick sands, as these fishes have a very delicate skin. Feeding habit of these Spiny Loaches are easy. In wild they feed on detritus and occasional algae. In captivity, they could be fed with flake, sinking pellets, thawed frozen mosquito larvae, brine shrimp, daphnia etc. They have very fascinating eating habit. They put a tiny amount of fine sand in their mouth, eat the tiny food particles attached with that, and then throw out the sand through their gills!
pH range required: 6.5 - 7;
Temperature Required: 22 - 24°C