Bronze Cory

Bronze Corydora from Samit's planted tank
Photograph of a Bronze Cory (Corydoras aeneus), one of the most common Corydoras you will find in hobbyists' tanks around the world. This fish is originally from Amazon region, Trinidad and the Guianan plateau of South America and grow up to 7 cm. Ideal pH of the water should be 7.3 and ideal temperature would be 24°C. This is a very peaceful species and ideal for community tanks. A tank with minimum 50L capacity is recommended for Bronze Corys. Bronze Cories are best kept in groups. A small group of 5-6 fishes are ideal for a mid-sized tank. These fishes are bottom feeder like most other cat fishes. In wild, they feed on algae and lower plants as well as insects, crustaceans and worms. Captive Cories eat sinking pelletes, sinking wafers, frozen bloodworms, shrimp pellets and of course the left over from other fishes. Soft sand as substrate is ideal for these guys, as it will not damage their sensitive barbels.

Cories have a strange but very interesting behaviour. They will dart to the top of the tank to take air. However, they should not do this often and this behaviour, if happens repeatedly, should be considered as one of the first signs that a water change is overdue. Though, bronze cories are bottom feeder like other cories and cat fishes, they will also feed at the top if they realize that their other tankmates are doing so. Quite intelligent and quick learner!