Golden CAE

Golden CAE or Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri)
Above is a photograph of a Golden CAE or Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) from my tank. This is also called as Sucking loach or Indian Algae Eater. As the name suggests, they are good algae eaters. But you need to be little careful while adding CAE in your planted community tank. Number one, they will eat but only when they are young. Grown up CAEs do not touch algae. Number two, grown up CAEs they can become very aggressive and territorial, causing trouble to other CAEs in the tank as well as all other inhabitants of the tank. Again, CAEs can grow up to 8”-10” making them unsuitable for usual home set ups.

However, the golden variety of CAE is a nice addition to a planted tank. But, make sure you introduce him young; introduce only one or maximum 2 (if you have l-a-r-g-e tank) specimen of the species; create enough hiding places for other inhabitants, specially if you have other bottom feeders and algae eaters; plan for an old age home for the guy!

The usual specimen species has complete different coloration than this golden variation of the same species. The usual ones have burnt yellow sides with a dark brown stripe running through length of the body and the stripe is usually interrupted with brown irregular spots. The tail and dorsal fins are usually clear but might have some small patches.

See photograph of the usual specimen of this species from

In the photo, you can also see a juvenile Pleco along with the CAE.


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