Taiwan Moss

Taiwan Moss
Taiwan Moss

Taiwan Moss [Taxiphyllum alternans]

I was trying out Taiwan moss in my nanoscapes and I am quite satisfied with the outcome. Here are my few initial findings about this beautiful aquatic moss:

1. Taiwan moss or Taxiphyllum alternans grows and spread faster than Java Moss.
2. They do extremely well if dosed with CO2. I have seen the entire group coming up with numerous brighter tip buds once I started adding CO2
3. Being more fragile and thinner than the common Java moss, Taiwan moss tends to be torn away quite often. Even if your filter creates little turbulance, you will find tiny pieces of taiwan moss all over your tank, tangled with other plants and happily growing!

Taiwan Moss
Taiwan Moss


Hi Samit,

This is debarghya, from Hyderabad. I am a Bong and looks like you are too..I am also a hobbyists with 4 planted tanks. Lets talk some time..09849255590.
Tapan Ghosh said…
Fulfil the knowledge, touching, one of the best site I ever seen.
Fond of Aquarium & gardening, problem is provide timing.
Nice Site Man.
Tapan Ghosh
Samit Roy said…
Hi Debarghya, Nice to meet you, too! It would be great to talk to you. BTW, Where are you from?
Samit Roy said…
Thanks Tapan. Thank you very much for your inspring commnets. You right! This hobby might become very demanding, from time to time!
achintya said…
hi samit da,i am achintya.i am also from kolkata.i am in this hobby for 17 years.i now keep discus.i have a blog about dscus fish care secrets..
hope you read this.
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