Aquarium Tips: Part 3

Nature Aquariums and Aquascapes by Samit Roy - Graphics Designer and Digital ArtistTips that you must know before setting up an Aquarium Part 3:

1. Make sure you have electric connection and switch board adjacent to this space. You will require minimum 3-6 plug points with individual switch, depending on the size of the tank and type of set up. DO NOT forget to check the earthing and wirings carefully. Electricity leakage in tank could be fatal.

2. Always go for the largest possible size that fits in that space and your budget of course. NEVER think like the mythical fool who said, “Let’s begin with a smaller one! I will buy a larger tank, if this does well!” You will be sorry. It won’t do well, if you are a beginner. The smaller tanks are harder to maintain and could be done only if you have enough experience.


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