Laterite in Substrate

Samit's Planted Tank
Red lily, Nymphaea stellata in 42 gl planted tank! The submerged leaves of Nymphaea, always look very good on glass tank.Tough, in tub and ponds, the floaters look better. As far as, the plant's prefernece is concerned, I noticed that they like to shoot floaters ( click here to see 'floaters' ), rather than developing submerged leaves, if there is enough light. Like any other red aquatic plants, red lily, produces bright red leaves, if substrate is rich with irons! I use laterite soil, in the substrate! It works!


Unknown said…
first of all my congratulations for Samit for the excellent website.

Secondly I was told today in Sydney (downunder Australia) that nobody should use white river sand in a plant aquarium because of upgoing PH levels...
being a beginner - is it true? Samit's tank ( is just stunning with it

thanks for understanding the ignorance in this

Unknown said…
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