Samit's Planted Tank
This is the side view of my 32gl Planted Community tank, densely planted with various species. This was a community set up for fishes, for plants too!

Notice, few of the house keepers in this image - a Sail fin molly and a baby Pleco {Hypostomus plecostomus)! Sail fin Mollies (Poecilia latipinna) are really effective to get rid of Green algae, if not fed with any other kind of food. They will eat every bit of green algae, if they are hungry. But remember, NO FOOD! They won’t even go near the algae, if they are well-fed. The first fish that goes into any of my planted set up - is a 1 or 2 male sail fin mollies. In my views, Sail fin black mollies are the best option to be introduced a newly set up tank, as the first fish. They are hardy and tough; they can stand sudden temperature and pH changes. They are also called as Mexican Sail fin Molly or Giant Sail fin Molly. Another very interesting fact about this fish is, with gradual acclimatization they could be kept in Salt Water tank, fresh water tank or a brackish water tank.


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