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Planted Tank and Nature Aquariums of Samit Roy
I always find the online forums and communities extremely helpful to have a healthy tank, understand your mistakes, gather the knowledge to restify them and share your learnings and experience with other aquarists. These fourms, like the Krib,, IAH, Aquatic Plant Central etc are being considered as the most valuable online resource for aquarium and fish keeping.


Christie said…
I like The Krib too. Another one of the best forums of the many I'm a member of is I can hardly imagine the hobby without web communities anymore. ;)
Samit Roy said…
Hi Christie,

Thanks for your comment and also sharing the address of the forum. I will check this forum and will become a member.

I 100% agree with you and also believe the same - we can hardly imagine the hobby without web communities

thanks again for your comments.
Anonymous said…
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