Photograph of a group of Cryptos in my one of my South Asian planted tanks. You can also see the Java ferns (Microsorum pteropus and var. Windeløv) on the driftwood.

Cryptocorynes are grown in a vast region of South Asia, raned from India to Papua New Guinea and probably one of the most popular plants among aquarium hobbyists through out the world. It's been recorded that the first Cryptocoryne cultivation in Europe was started years back, in 1910. Though few Crytocoryne varieties are are avaialble in pet shops in almost every country of the world, some species are nearly to extinct.

Find more details about Cryptocorynes on Crypts Pages.


Sadiq said…
oh my god! you are such an researcher on this!

Samit Roy said…
I love my nature tanks! They love me too!
Unknown said…
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