Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Salvina natans 2

Salvina natan close up in Samit's Tank
Another image of Salvina natans from my tank. Salvina natans is also very useful to absorb extra nutirnets from the water, reducing the possibility of algae bloom in newly set up planted tanks with regular CO2 supply and fertilization.


Manoj said...

Hello Samit.
I love the pictures you put up here and the information you provide is quite useful. Keep up the good work mate. I subscribe to your blog and i have a suggestion that will help you to improve your blog. Instead of having topic titles like "Samit's Aquarium 041", it will be more helpful to have relevant topic titles like "Salvina natans" about which the post is...

Happy blogging... :)

SAMIT ROY said...

Hi Manoj,
Thank you very much for your comments. It's really very inspiring. I also appreciate your suggestion. I agree with you. I will try to do that one by one. You can browse by topics too, as I meticulously pick up labels for each post.

Thanks again for your comments and appreciations.

Anonymous said...

do you think it is possible to grop salvina natans in a fancy goldfish tank?

longge said...

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