Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword Plant
A big Amazon Sword plant or Echinodorus amazonicus in one of my outdoor cement tubs for live-bearers. This is a female plant and often comes up with multiple saplings. One sapling can be seen at the upper left corner of the image.

Amazon Sword plant (Echinodorus amazonicus and Echinodorus bleheri - both are known as Amazon Sword plant) is one of the most common rosette plant used by hobbyists. Being a very hardy plant, Amazon Sword is appropriate for the beginners. It is a large plant and mainly used as a center piece in planted aquascapes. It can grow really large, even without fertilization and CO2, provided you have enough space and a nutrient rich substrate.


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Blogger Vince said…
Nice plant. Here is a good list of aquatic plants.

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Blogger Vince said…
Nature aquariums dude. Nice set ups you have.:)are really work of art. :)