Flowering Water Lily

Flowering Water Lily
I was surprised when I noticed this pink bud of the water lily plant (Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens/pubescens/esculenta) in my gold fish tub. I was not expecting it. Just because, I have never put any extra care for these plants - I kept them in my outdoor tubs for goldfishes and live-bearers, with minimum substrate and without any fertilization. Still it's flowering - I am happy, grateful too!
Red (pink) water lily or Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens is one of the most common aquatic plants found through out India. This is another easy-to-keep', to be precisely 'hard-to-kill' plant, but not actually suited for smaller indoor set ups. I haven't seen it flowering under artificial lightings in an indoor set up. But they do very well in outdoor set ups with direct and/or indirect sunlight.

The picture below, shows the lily in my goldfish tub, from top.


Unknown said…
ekhan theke aamar ichche pothe namar.....kintu pothgulo sab nodi....rongin maachti hotam jodi !!!
Jamie Boyle said…
Yeah water lilies are a great aquatic plant for ponds. They come in a wide variety of colours and definitely helps enhance the beauty of ponds.

There actually pretty easy to take care of all you need to do is fertilize them every 2 weeks really, cut off decaying leaves and divide them when they outgrow you pot.

If people do this they will have beautiful flowers blossoming all summer long.

Like you said there easy to keep and definitely a hard plant to kill. Some water lilies can grow quite fast and can take over a pond if left untouched. But most don't grow that fast I feel.

Great blog and pictures of your water lilies in your goldfish tub.


Jamie Boyle
Water Lily Grower
Anonymous said…
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