Gold Fish

Few photographs of my gold fishes in one of my outdoor setups:

[Being a person without any knowledge about photography, my sincere apologies for the poor quality of the images]

Gold fish # 1
Gold Fish
Gold fish # 2
Gold FishNotice the black one at bottom left corner!


Manoj said…
Samit, this is amazing... i was thinking of setting up anubias in my tank and last time you wrote a post on anubias. Now, im setting up a goldfish tank and you write a post on goldfish... lol, talk of co-incidences...
Samit Roy said…
Great men think alike, Manoj! LOL!
Jamie Boyle said…
Nice blog!

That must be a tropical water lily you have in that photo right?

Nice photos, not too bad, I'm not that much of a photographer either.


Jamie Boyle
The Goldfish Guy
123 said…
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