Monday, April 2, 2007

Clown loach

Clown loaches and other loaches
Tips for keeping freshwater loaches in your aquarium: Part 1

Provide lots of hiding places using clay pots (whole and broken), drift wood and of course, plants! Pile of rocks can be used to form caves but they need to glued to each other firmly, using silicone glue and should be buried under the substrate at least few inches deep, ensuring the loaches cannot dig their way in under the rock structure. This can be proven fatal to the unsuspecting loaches resting under the rocks. Pieces of non-metallic pipes with different diameters, depending on the size of the loaches you have, can provide nice hiding places to them. Again, though pipes are great for the loaches, it might not look nice to you.

I use clay pots, whole, and cut into halves, as well as, broken pieces, too, and tie few java fern cuttings with them. Within few days java ferns root themselves with the clay pots and your "Portable Loach House With Attached Garden" is ready!


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