Thursday, June 28, 2007

Few More Gold Fishes

Moe images of my gold fishes!

Gold fish # 7
Gold Fish
Gold fish # 8
Gold Fish

My gold fishes, again

Few more photographs of my gold fishes.

Gold fish # 5Gold Fish Photos
Gold fish # 6Gold Fish Photos

Monday, June 25, 2007

More Gold Fish Photos

Few more images of my Gold fishes in outdoor setups. Gold fishes are easy to keep and perfectly suitable for mid-sized and larg outsoor set ups and ponds. Being a cold water fish, they do perfectly fine without heater, even in tropical winter. Unlike most other ornamental fishes, gold fishes look pretty from top view, because of their broad and colorful back (top).

[My apologies for poor quality of the photographs.]

Gold fish # 3
Gold Fish Photos
Gold fish # 4Gold Fish Photos

Gold Fish

Few photographs of my gold fishes in one of my outdoor setups:

[Being a person without any knowledge about photography, my sincere apologies for the poor quality of the images]

Gold fish # 1
Gold Fish
Gold fish # 2
Gold FishNotice the black one at bottom left corner!

Amazon Sword

Amazon Sword Plant
A big Amazon Sword plant or Echinodorus amazonicus in one of my outdoor cement tubs for live-bearers. This is a female plant and often comes up with multiple saplings. One sapling can be seen at the upper left corner of the image.

Amazon Sword plant (Echinodorus amazonicus and Echinodorus bleheri - both are known as Amazon Sword plant) is one of the most common rosette plant used by hobbyists. Being a very hardy plant, Amazon Sword is appropriate for the beginners. It is a large plant and mainly used as a center piece in planted aquascapes. It can grow really large, even without fertilization and CO2, provided you have enough space and a nutrient rich substrate.

Flowering Water Lily

Flowering Water Lily
I was surprised when I noticed this pink bud of the water lily plant (Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens/pubescens/esculenta) in my gold fish tub. I was not expecting it. Just because, I have never put any extra care for these plants - I kept them in my outdoor tubs for goldfishes and live-bearers, with minimum substrate and without any fertilization. Still it's flowering - I am happy, grateful too!
Red (pink) water lily or Nymphaea lotus var. pubescens is one of the most common aquatic plants found through out India. This is another easy-to-keep', to be precisely 'hard-to-kill' plant, but not actually suited for smaller indoor set ups. I haven't seen it flowering under artificial lightings in an indoor set up. But they do very well in outdoor set ups with direct and/or indirect sunlight.

The picture below, shows the lily in my goldfish tub, from top.