Friday, January 25, 2008

Taboo in twilight

Aquscape of Samit Roy
Temporary light arrangement is one of the key elements of an aquascape. It creates the right ambiance. Pictures taken in actual lightings are usually flat, Though, they are good for technical documentation, but they often fail to create the right impact. When I take photographs of my aquascapes, I switch off the tank lights, room lights and all other sources of lights in the room and then set up the temporary light arrangement.

Aquarium and aquascapes of Samit Roy


Kloggers said...

What a lovely blog. Our fish started life in a fish tank but as they grew we build an outdoor pond for them. The goldfish are particularly friendly!

Anonymous said...

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Mr. Aquarius said...

Hi! I have seen your blog. It looks very interesting. I started a new one about aquariums... I think your has lot of information. I will come back to see how it goes on!!
see you!

jean said...

Setting up the lighting in one's aquarium can create a very warm and homey feel for your species in their tanks. And, knowing more about freshwater aquarium lighting can truly help you in setting up your own aquarium haven.:)

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aldrin james said...

That is just look so great. I like the color of it and the way it make the whole tank very attractive.

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